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Aspiring PPT Creator
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SlideMight, a tool for merging data with PPT

on Mon Nov 13, 2017 4:44 pm
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This is the PowerPoint related item that I have worked on: SlideMight, a data merge tool. It is comparable with Mail Merge for Microsoft Word, but it can do more, e.g.,

  • Iterations may be nested and result in sequences of slides and populated tables.
  • The steering data may include images, and these images may be put in table cells.
  • Syntax highlighting for over 100 programming languages
  • Basic markdown and HTML text formatting

Here is the web shop: www.slidemight.com, You can download the a free trial version, the user manual and some examples.

You can make very boring presentations with SlideMight of course, but I hope it will get better uses. I aimed for supporting images well: you can have these in tables; often navigation is easy when you can click on a thumbnail picture. 

For an example presentation I took some data and images from Wikipedia of nice paintings. When that was done it was easy to create a nice presentation with convenient navigation, at least that's what I think. Another example is the user manual.

I would like to get some feedback from you. You can download a free trial version, the manual and some examples from the web shop. Is it all clear? Would you like to use it yourself? What markets do you see for the product? I would appreciate if you could help me with some ideas.


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