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Challenges & contests FAQs Empty Challenges & contests FAQs

on Wed Nov 22, 2017 11:33 pm

What is a challenge?

A challenge is where an activity has been posted, that should be challenging yet possible. Within the rules and guidelines posted in the challenge, can you accomplish the objective? Challenges are meant to be a fun way to put your PowerPoint skills to the test and further push the limits of PowerPoint.

What is a contest?

A contest is like a challenge, but offers at least recognition for the winner(s) and may have prizes involved. Please pay close attention to the directions for the contest, as failure to comply with posted directions and rules can and will result in disqualification.

Who can participate in challenges & contests?

If you have an account with PowerPoint Creative and are logged in, you can participate in any of the challenges and contests. PPC Staff may participate in challenges, but are ineligible from participating in official PPC contests. 

Who can host challenges & contests?

PPC Staff and Featured Creators can start challenges and contests for anyone to participate. Featured Creators, take this opportunity to use your knowledge and come up with a fun way to challenge the rest of us to create something similar to your works or style!
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