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on Fri Feb 02, 2018 5:45 pm
After getting some inspiration from a link posted on this forum on how to make random links to slides in a game, I thought about doing something similar for making objects / pictures etc appear randomly, but on a single slide. I managed to develop a method that I used in the SNAP! game (fairly obviously) and also in 'The Quick Draw Magraws' game (somewhat less obviously - can you see where?)

Anyway, I started making this tutorial about 9:30 this morning and it has now 11:45 at night. Apart from doing chores during the day like cleaning the oven and eating, it's been pretty non-stop on this. But now it's on You Tube and 'out there' and done!

Another good thing that came from this is that I found a better way of doing the 'Spin' animation (as shown in the tutorial) which is different to the way I did it in SNAP!, which is different again to the way I did it in The Quick Draw Magraws.

My only concern is that this video goes on for 13 minutes which might strain the staying-power of some people.

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