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BANDIT - Slot machine / One-armed bandit game Empty BANDIT - Slot machine / One-armed bandit game

on Sun Feb 11, 2018 2:16 pm
Another 'Randomiser' game for 2 players who can share a mouse if they don't have one each.

It's based on scoring points, not gambling. 2 points for a pair of symbols, 10 points for all 3.

Getting the handle to look like it was being pulled down took nearly two days of trial and error before I got something that worked reasonably well. It then took another couple of days to sort out the main scrolling & drop-down symbol animations along with uncountable 'Bring to Front / Send to Back' shenanigans. But it got there eventually.

The video shows half a game being played (to 10 points scored out of the 20 needed to win). Getting 3 in a row is rare (hence the 10 point value) but by no means impossible. In fact, the first time I recorded the game being played 3 lemons came up on the first go - but that made it look too easy, so I didn't use it.

You can download from here: BANDIT

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