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New Update: Mac-Friendly! - Jeopardy is now Mac-Friendly! I have removed all Active-X features that Macs don't like, and replaced them with dialog boxes to hold the text boxes where you can still make your in-game customization edits. If this has been proven to be a success on a Mac, I will continue the process in converting the rest of my games to use the dialog boxes instead.

New Update: Daily Doubles - The system for Daily Doubles has changed and no longer sends you to a specific Daily Double slide. Instead, all slides are potentially Daily Double slides, and can be played on the same slide.

New Update: Daily Double settings - Instead of Yes/No to using Daily Doubles, you have 3 settings to choose from: Randomize, Use Own, or None. Randomize will randomly choose 1 question in Round 1, and 2 for Round 2 just like the older versions. Use Own does not randomize the Daily Doubles, but will play any Daily Doubles you have set in your game. Use this setting if you want to have a specific slide to be the Daily Double. None will disable all Daily Double slides.

New Feature: Error checkers - While using the new dialog boxes on Daily Doubles and the Final Round, there will be code that will check your wagers and make sure that you aren't trying to cheat the game into giving you more points than you can wager.

New Update: Red Negative Text - Just like the game, your score text will turn red if you dip under 0!

Update: Overall improvement in layout and functionality.
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