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on Mon Apr 23, 2018 5:08 am
A big thank you to all of the members who have responded to our email survey. (You can still respond if you wish to).

One of the interesting points that came out was that some members are reluctant to post anything to the forum because very few others post anything.

This PPC challenge is therefore a little different. The challenge is for you to post something to the forum - anything PowerPoint related.

You could post:

  • A game (at any standard)
  • Some artwork
  • An animation
  • Completion of any of the PPT challenges made so far (I need more fireworks for Challenge 4!!)
  • A brief note about yourself in the Welcome Wagon
  • A couple of screenshots and note on something you're working on at the moment
  • Any PPT feature or function that you would like to see a tutorial on
  • Any element of a game that you would like to ask "How did you do that?"
  • Something you would like to achieve on one of your projects but are not sure how to do it (or if it's possible)
  • Some ideas on how we could improve the forum
  • Suggest a future challenge
  • Play one of the silly forum games
  • Any software or hardware that you have found useful in making PPT creations
  • Any hints or tips that you have discovered and want to pass on
  • Any links to You Tube videos that other members might be interested in
  • Ask a question or start a conversation on anything PPT related

You should be able to find forum sections for just about everything above, if not, put your post in the 'Anything Else' section and we can go from there.

We are really looking forward to getting a few more posts on the forum. Who is going to be brave enough to get the ball rolling? That's the challenge!
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