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on Mon Apr 30, 2018 3:38 pm
A template for an activity for learners to match the name of something to its definition, then also identify an example of it.

This template has the topic of different types of question, but there are many other topic areas that you can use it for.

Download the PPTX version here: NAME / DEFINITION / EXAMPLE. Feel free to download and adapt as you wish.

You can split a group into teams and ask them in turn to choose a name in the first column then shout out the definition, then the example. You can make up some rules to run it on a points basis and get some friendly competition going.

If you do use this template or make something similar, please post it here and share it with the other PPC members who are interested in educational games for their kids/learners (60% of the membership according to our recent survey).
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