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Just finished v2.1 of the game where you're trapped... Empty Just finished v2.1 of the game where you're trapped...

on Wed Sep 19, 2018 5:34 pm
Or rather...

Just finished v2.1 of the game where you're trapped... Nozq77

Okay, so this one is another British game (who knew... I really need to produce one of my Canadian ones at some point, although they didn't have many unique ones).   And it's one of those that sounds complicated when you read along, but it kind of falls into place after you've either read through or seen a first time play through..

This game is designed for 6 contestants... and the goal is to trap your opponents, so they can't answer any more questions... without getting yourself trapped!    We put six players in their own cartoon character boxes (and yes, the male/female names vs. characters doesn't match.. it's kinda intentional)

Click "Fill Board".... you'll now be able to first name your six contestants (and it helps, trust me) and loads the questions

Click "Next Round"  the round number in the corner tells you you're in round 1, and you see six topics that you're trying to get to in order to answer (which makes each of the subrounds)

Just finished v2.1 of the game where you're trapped... M7uotw
Think these players know anything about these topics?  Uhm.. maybe

So you start by answering a toss-up trivia question  ("Tossup Question" box)... Miss?  And you lose 100 points... You're okay, but you "trapped" yourself out of the question, but this question only.. unless someone else after you gets it right, and they get 100 points and  get to lock one of your opponents out of the rest of Round1 - subround1, and they cannot answer anything else in the first subround.     (Hm... take out that strongest trivia player, or let him build up some points and sneak in later?).

If nobody guesses, you throw the question out and go to the next question with no points and no lockouts.

Click the name plate of whomever is chosen to be locked out of the subround and their name turns red to show they're out.

Just finished v2.1 of the game where you're trapped... X4rqch
Three players locked out of subround 1, Two to go!

Play continues until all but one player is locked out of subround1.

Just finished v2.1 of the game where you're trapped... 52cjvb
Aaron survives to the end of SubRound1

At this point, the surviving player gets to pick one of the six categories on the bottom.   He'll see six choices for possible answers on the board.... but doesn't get to the see the question yet.  The chosen category then disappears from the board (not seen in the next screen shot)

Just finished v2.1 of the game where you're trapped... 2lddlx2
This is the Napoleon category?    Large?  Western?  Red?   How do these answers relate to Napoleon???!!??

The surviving player then sees the question (Trap Q button), and has to pick the one correct answer of the six on the board  (Think we're showing you this Q?  Not likely Smile ).

If they make the right selection, they get 1000 points AND get to choose one player who is completely TRAPPED out of Round 1.    Click the large "box" surrounding the player and the entire box and their name plate turns red showing they're out of the round.

If they make the wrong selection, they don't lose any points, but they TRAP themselves out of the rest of the round (turn their box red), and then you have two options to play:

Option 1 - Nobody else guesses at the answer, no points, just as is.
Option 2 - allow the other non-"Round trapped" players to guess at the answer, and if they get it right they get the 1000 points.

After which, all non-Round trapped players are back in the game for Sub-Round 2... and the process repeats.

Just finished v2.1 of the game where you're trapped... 2ykxkea
Down to the final 2 of Round 1 after Sub-Round 4.

After the last two players face off (one last toss-up Question, winner getting one of the last two multiple choice question, and then whomever is not locked out gets a free sixth topic question that nobody can steal the points of (as they're all "round locked' same choices)

The TV show had a rapid fire round, where you could win money without lockouts by answering questions for 60 seconds, but with a stream, it just didn't fit into the theme of what I had set up so I just pretty much ignored it...

Click the "next round" and we jump to Round 2, and EVERYONE is back in (click on the outside box to reset them to 'active'.. although I may change that to put/remove a graphic over their cartoon character that says "TRAPPED!" in a later version update)  Round 2 however, is much quicker to lock players out.  Which Ironically made round 2 a lot more interesting than Round 1 on the televised version

One toss-up question, player who gets it right gets 200 points and then challenges any player not locked out of Round 2 to a head-to-head showdown of a topic of the correct player's choice.  

We reveal the six answers, and then the toss-up winner gets to choose whether he/she wants to make first pick or second pick.  The Trap Question is then revealed... and each player alternates a guess until one of the players makes the correct pick (so these questions are intended to be harder (as are all trap questions).  The player who DOESN'T make the correct pick is TRAPPED out of round 2 and the surviving player gets 2000 points

Play repeats with the remaining 5 players.. then 4 then 3.. and so on.. until there is only one player who is not CASH TRAPPED..

Ironically, the points mean absolutely nothing in determining the winner in our version... I tend to use those as a bonus, or to let the players see who was the best trivia answerer. sometimes if the winner didn't have the most points. , the player with the most points got a small prize as the consolation since they usually did most of the work.

I think in the series, they would use those points would carry over to each of 5 days,  (I can't remember exactly how it worked, but points/money carried over days), the winner of the game would try to win bigger money in the final round, but that was the end of your time on the show, while if you were still in the boxes, you could add to your winnings as long as you were on the show.

Again, originally, this game had a bonus game.. where the winning player would then trap one player instantaneously, and then have to go head to head with the other 4 players, each would face off the winner for one toss-up question.   The cash player would try to trap all four of their opponents, and depending on how many of those 4 he trapped, would get numbers off a "vault" (if you've seen the Mint or Dream House, you know how the vault works) to try to win a bonus prize.   I could honestly put the bonus game back in at any point (there's enough toss up questions (75 total), i don't think you'd get through them all before the end of the game.. even if you had to bypass some of the tossup questions, it only takes a minimum of 15 questions to finish round 1 and only 6 to finish round 2.)

Like I said, the description of the game makes it sound a lot harder than it actually is to play.. but many British trivia games if you wrote out all the rules, (Bullseye anyone, the rules to that are .. well they look like War and Peace written in triplicate!), you'd be surprised how complex they are.
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