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Troubleshooting Tips!

on Mon Aug 21, 2017 9:42 pm
Let's start from the beginning . . .

1) Are you running the games on a version of PowerPoint 2013 or later on a Windows based computer?

My games work best on PowerPoint 2013 or later. They may work on 2010 or earlier but can and will limit functions of the game that will affect the overall gameplay. Trying to run these on a Mac or Google Slides also will not work. Please find a computer or laptop with PowerPoint 2013 or later and try running the game again.

2) When you first open up the game file, did you click on the buttons to "Enable editing" and/or "Enable macros?"

If you haven't done either of these when you open the file, the game will not work. Clicking those buttons allows PowerPoint to run all the coding that makes the games work.

3) Have you checked rusnakcreative.com to see if you have the most current version of the game?

I update theses games constantly to fix minor bugs that users like you may run into. Chances are I may have already fixed this issue and have uploaded the fixed game and have it linked on the site.

4) Were there any restricted fonts? If so, did you remove them or open in read-only?

If by some chance you happen to run into a restricted font, this means that the font I chose to design the game with doesn't want to be embedded like the rest of the fonts due to its licensing. The font is free to download, so if you'd like you can search for the troubled font and download it yourself. However, having the font restricted isn't the problem; the problem lies with opening in read-only mode. Macros need the ability to edit the file, and thus opening in read-only mode pretty much shuts off all macro usage. Close and re-open the file again and remove restricted fonts. It may look weird, but the macros will work this time.

5) Have you accidentally deleted anything?

Accidents happen, and you may have accidentally removed a shape or text file that the code is dependant on. If you think you may have accidentally deleted anything. Re-download the game file again.

6) Do you have multiple PowerPoint files open while running your game?

For best results, make sure you close out of all other PowerPoint files except for the one game you plan on using. The code that is running for one game may affect the other games. Likewise, the code from the other games can also affect the game you are currently running.
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