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Windows He (version 11)

on Tue Sep 26, 2017 11:46 am
Windows He (version 11) will be the updated version of Windows GR8. "He" is the atomic symbol for Helium, which is lighter than air. Windows He will boast the fastest processing power within the cloud. In fact, it will have its own dedicated He clouds that will raise above the regular cloud. It will follow the same style of nonsense that is exploring a Windows-based GUI with all sorts of errors and issues galore. With the help of VBA, I will have all sorts of new ways to experience error messages the way only Windows can provide.

Note: This is not intended to be an actual Operating System, nor is it any way affiliated with Microsoft or Windows.

There is no official release date. Even when this does get released, it may not be as complete as I would have liked (see GR8.) This is just a fun file for me to play around with and work on new concepts with animation and VBA coding. 

Stay tuned to this thread for updates and download links when available.

Here is a screenshot of the loading screen prior to the Welcome/Login screen.

Any questions, comments, ideas, suggestions for Windows He(11) may be posted in this thread, and are encouraged. Thank you!
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