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POOHSTICKS - More fun than you could throw a stick at. Empty POOHSTICKS - More fun than you could throw a stick at.

on Mon Jun 10, 2019 9:50 am
Making a basic Poohsticks game in PowerPoint could be done with relative ease by just using basic PowerPoint shapes. For this version however I wanted the graphics to look and sound as realistic as I could make them.

Above the 'Next' flag is a randomiser to link you to one of 12 slides so players won't be able to learn any set sequence of slides, 'cos there ain't any.

I had to rework a lot of the graphics and animations. Originally, the 'Drop' flag said 'Throw', and when clicked, the sticks would fly up from the bridge and land in the water. I subsequently discovered the proper rules of Poohsticks which clearly state 'No Throwing'! Thus I had to change the throws into drops.

Here is the PPTX version: POOHSTICKS PPTX

Here's the PPSX version: POOHSTICKS PPSX

Uploaded to Dropbox this time. To just play the PPSX version, click on 'Open with..' in the top right corner.

I haven't made the game or video public yet.
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