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Paper Scrap Book vs PowerPoint Scrap Book Empty Paper Scrap Book vs PowerPoint Scrap Book

on Tue Apr 14, 2020 8:17 am
I started out with an idea for a paper scrap book for my daughter's 21st birthday and ended up making it in PPT. Both have their pros and cons. What initially pushed me towards the digital version is the ability of using different media. My digital version included: photographs & images, videos, various music tracks and PPT interaction in general. My daughter had to participate in the experience by clicking her way through various stuff I included.

Looking back - with more time at hand - I could have made the experience even more memorable: making the scrap book even more interactive with the great ideas this Forum has to offer: mini games, rolling backgrounds, powerful PPT animations and even easter eggs! To me it is an unlimited scope for creativity; and then coupled with the extreme ease of modification. 

With about 100 photos and 6 short videos the file was 200Mb large. That was after I scaled down the quality of all my images to 150dpi and reduced the size of the videos via an online video compressor. My images are, therefore, good enough for a screen but not to print. 

So why consider a paper version of a scrap book in the first place?
Glue, scissors, and its physicality. No screen will ever beat the experience of reaching out to a shelf - where the album is standing - and then touching, smelling and flipping through pages while listening to the tranquilising rustle of paper...

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