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OPERATION - The classic game adapted for PowerPoint Empty OPERATION - The classic game adapted for PowerPoint

on Wed Oct 24, 2018 4:02 am
Here's a new game I've just finished: the classic 'OPERATION'. It's been on my agenda to do for quite a while and it was always going to be a maze game, but I wasn't sure about how the game could actually be played. As I started making the 'patient' and the 'arteries' etc, the ideas for playing the game started to emerge and it came out looking like it does now. There's a randomiser to select the first item to be removed. This avoids the first player having the opportunity to start with the nearest item and keep going from there. The final additions were the 'New game' and 'Clear all' buttons to avoid having to exit before starting a new game.

The format of the game is A4 portrait, hence the wide black borders.

You can download the PPSX version here: OPERATION

Here's the video that's 'Unlisted' (not public) on You Tube at the moment. (Made before the addition of the buttons mentioned above)

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